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I use Anita's housekeepers frequently. The service is very affordable and convenient.

I do not want to book a regular cleaning service with one person because my schedule changes, we go out of town, the house doesn't need it, or sometimes it really does. I am able to call Anita's a day or two in advance and get someone to come when I need it.

I have had a variety of cleaning people come thru my house. Every person has been kind, polite, and hard working. I have not had many complaints, but when I do, there is a 3rd party to call. They will give you an hour free toward your next service if you have an issue.

Overall, this is an excellent service!

Stacy E. – A Yelp User

Happy Customer

Totally Satisfied!!

There isn't a better feeling then when a business takes care of their clients. That is what Anita's did with me. They called me to see how satisfied I was with their service and I was honest. They said they would like to send someone out to make it right and I accepted.

Edith came to my house on a Monday and off the bat she was friendly. She doesn't speak very well English but that wasn't a problem because I speak Spanish. I told her what I wanted done which was the same thing I had the previously cleaning lady do. She brought her cleaning supplies and went to work. I chilled in my room and played Xbox 360 and in two hours she advised me that she was done. All I can say is my place looked spotless. I mean SPOTLESS!!! The kitchen was magnificent. She did all the dishes cleaned the stove, sink inside the refrigerator and counters. She got down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the floor. Let me tell you that floor was so clean you can literally eat off of it. The bathroom was sparkling from how clean it was.

She managed to clean the kitchen, living room, and bathroom in 2 hours. She was friendly and very professional. She let me know other services they offer if I ever needed them. Awesome job to Anita's for matching us with Edith. I recommended my friend to Anita's and to ask for Edith. I didn't even tell my friend that she came over and he knocked on my bedroom door and said if I hired someone because he was loving the cleaning job.

Felix – A Yelp User

Don’t know how many years Anita’s has taken care of me and my home with the best of the best housekeeping and maintenance and never once has the agency, its managers and the wonderful workers ever failed me and my needs for a clean home. Try them and you will be so pleased.

Rita in San Diego

One word- Awesome!

I have used multiple cleaning services in San Diego and Anita’s is by far the best! They are everything you want in a housecleaning service- reliable, affordable, and leave the place looking spotless. They continually surprise me with the level of service- everything from finishing laundry to loading the dishwasher, cleaning windows when asked, and changing sheets. I am so glad a friend recommended Anita’s to me and have now signed up for service every two weeks. It's been such a welcome change to find a housecleaner who just "gets it" and cleans the way you would if you had time.

Maria F – A Yelp User

I work full time with 2 kids and my husband who is in the military And constantly Gone ... Finally I decided I needed help around the house so I called Anita’s the office staff was very nice and they worked around my crazy schedule, the lady that showed up to clean my home was very nice and professional I schedule 3 hrs. $60 and she cleaned my priorities Which were my bathrooms and kitchen she even had time to do more. I'll definitely be using this service a lot More often!!

Pavel – A Google User

I have used Anita's every week for housekeeping since my wife died over five years ago. I am TOTALLY SATISFIED in all respects with the top-notch management of the company, and the highest quality of service. For over three years, I have had the same person, Lucy, coming every week. She is absolutely the greatest housekeeper ever! A quality, caring person, as well as a terrific worker. I have found Rebecca and Vickie in the office to be very flexible and extremely easy to deal with. Lucy has been with them for years, and I know that if Anita's had acted as described below in some of the early September comments, that she would never have stayed with them. One cannot help but wonder, because Anita's is SO GOOD and SO CONSISTENT, whether or not some unscrupulous competitor is intentionally throwing muck and mud to deliberately mislead people. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED without any reservation whatsoever. And I am old and very persnickety because I have nice stuff, and a lot of family heirlooms.

Bob - A Google User

I've used Anita's Housekeeping for 3 yrs. and never had any problems with them. They are very timely, thorough and professional in their job. I would certainly recommend Anita's housekeeping.

A Google User

I've used Anita's the last two times I've moved apartments in PB and both times they have left the place cleaner than when I first moved in. They do an outstanding job and are very thorough, all at very reasonable prices. I would recommend their move-out services to anyone looking to receive as much of their rental deposit back as possible.

A Google User

We have been using Anita's for over 2 years to schedule housekeepers to clean our vacation rental as well as our personal home. We have been very satisfied using this service. We have found them to be very accommodating and flexible and are open to doing whatever is needed to get the job done.

A Google User

I scheduled a move in/move out cleaning with Anita’s and was very impressed! The domestic cleaners, Narei and Kea, were right on time, very thorough and made the entire process enjoyable. Not only were they friendly and knowledgeable, they worked very hard and completed every task on my landlords cleaning priority list. I would recommend Narei and Kea for anyone looking for a deep clean or move in/out situation! I will be using Anita’s again in the future.

A Google User

I've used Anita's for the last several years and have always been very happy with the housekeepers who have come to my apartment. Things are cleaner than I can ever get them when I clean myself!

A Google User

When a scheduled agency failed to show up to clean a vacation rental. Anita’s Housekeeping was able to provide same day service and did a terrific job!

A Google User

Anita's is great! I got a service set up on a Friday for the very next day and the housekeeper that came to do my cleaning was Super! She was pleasant, professional, and thorough. I asked for a detailed cleaning in my bathroom and help dusting throughout my house, because I work Mon-Fri and just can't keep up with the dust! She provided all the supplies and worked hard the entire three hours, I had to make her take a break! My bathroom looks awesome! I would recommend Anita's to any of my friends!

A Kudzu User

Reliable and Great Quality! I have been using Anita's for years and they are always professional and reliable!

Gemma – A Kudzu User

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